The Energy of a Redhead

Published April 7, 2013 by Kathleen Clohessy

There’s nothing like a redhead for pure, unadulterated fire. Don’t believe it? Watch Florence Welch sing, dance and yell “The Chain”  in great redhead style!!


Being a Redhead a Pain? More Than You Know

Published February 8, 2012 by Kathleen Clohessy

Growing up with red hair is a difficult experience. Kids want to fit in and the older we get the more true this becomes. Being different is a curse, and the old adage “What doesn’t kill us makes us stronger” is pretty much lost on a 13 year old girl who wants nothing more than to look exactly like everyone else.

Now it appears that even the old adage about the strength gained from suffering does not hold true for us redheads. Far from being stronger,  research suggests that we are more fragile and more affected by pain–in this case  physical pain– than our blond and brunette counterparts. As this article from the New York Times points out, red-heads actually feel pain more acutely and are harder to anesthetize than the average person with average hair.

This article, which  discusses dental pain in particular, was  of particular interest to me because I am one of the millions of Americans who has steadfastedly avoided the dentist (to my great detriment, I might add) all my life. What’s more, all my life I have attributed my avoidance to the fact that the dentist that my mom chose for me as a young child believed that “children don’t feel pain”  and performed all kinds of very painful and frightening procedures on me and my older brother without any anesthesia at all.

While I cannot recall the actual suffering I experienced at the hands of this man, I remember that it was agonizing. And since he did not use anesthesia I cannot speak to whether it worked or not. What I do recall is that even after I found a  kinder and gentler dentist, one  who used both Novocaine and nitrous oxide, nothing changed. Whether that was due to my being a red-head or the well documented affects of post-traumatic stress I can not say. My guess is that it was a little of both.

Later in life I experienced more surgical nightmares, including a terrifying ordeal called “awareness under anesthesia,”  which was, I’m afraid, as horrific as it sounds. I prefer not to talk about that experience in detail — even today it is too traumatic to discuss.  Suffice it to say that had the anesthesiologist who put me to sleep that day heeded the research mentioned in this article, the remainder of  my life might have been much easier than it has been.

So, my fellow redheads, before undergoing  surgery or an invasive procedure or any kind, make sure your doctor and your anesthesiologist know about this research and take it to heart. It could save you a great deal of pain.

Redheads in Film-Clara Bow

Published January 16, 2012 by Kathleen Clohessy

Clara Bow


“The more I see of men, the more I like dogs.”

Known as the “It” Girl in Hollywood for her portrayal of the starring role in the movie of the same name, Clara Bow was the quintessential “Roaring Twenties” superstar–fiery, independent, and immensely talented. By the time she married Rex Bell, a later Lieutenant Governor of Nevada, and retired in 1933 she had starred in over 40 movies.

Awesome Redheads-Florence Welch

Published January 14, 2012 by Kathleen Clohessy

Kind-to-Your Skin (and theirs)

Published December 28, 2011 by Kathleen Clohessy

As a rule, natural redheads  have pale, sensitive skin, a  genetically determined fact of life with that almost every true redhead has had to live with since the day she was born… Show me a redhead who has never had a sunburn and I’ll show you someone who lives in a cave.

Grown up redheads need extraordinary skin care products and cosmetics to protect our delicate skin from the damaging effects of the sun, wind and environmental pollution.  Ideally, these products should be hypoallergenic, organic and most importantly (not because we are redheads, but because we are people) “cruelty free.” Accomplishing this  in Europe is relatively easy, because the European Union has long prohibited the sale of products of any kind that are tested on animals. However, here in the United States, where no such law exists, finding these products can be a chore.

Enter PETA, (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals.) To help us make informed and intelligent choices about which products to buy and which to avoid,  they have provided consumers (no, not just red-headed ones) a list of companies who provide skin care products and cosmetics that are certified by PETA to be “Cruelty Free“.

Here it is. Use it.

Cruelty Free Companies

Wonderful Redheads 101

Published December 18, 2011 by Kathleen Clohessy

“While the rest of the species is descended from apes,  redheads are descended from cats.” Mark Twain

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